About my Homepage Project

Submitted 22. September 2016

I thought it would be a good idea to create a personal site to share my experiences and projects with others but also a nice place for documenting my learning progress.

Im currently not really good at visual design, so this project hopefully will help me getting better at it.

For this project I will use Bootstrap because I have to use it at work and I really should improve my bootstrapping skills. It will also simplify making this site responsive. :-) I gonna use version 4 (currently an alpha version) which has some awesome new features.

I decided to build this website with Ruby on Rails (RoR) to keep and improve my knowledge of RoR for future jobs. For RoR I use Rails 5.0 with Devise for Authentication and CanCanCan with Rolify for managing user rights.

The current version includes a very basic blog and a root page. You can trace progress of development, contribute or fork on Github.