Still alive. Still alive.

Submitted 30. March 2017

It's been a while since my last post but don't worry this project is still alive. ;-)

At the moment I am very busy with finishing my bachelor's degree. I will graduate this summer hopefully. So keep your fingers crossed for me! :-) Anyhow, enough from me. Let's get back to this project. Although I didn't spent much time small progress can be reported.

Aligning blog posts content with passages and line breaks is now possible. Additionally I added BBCode support for highlighting, styling and laying out. Another feature is tagging and filtering posts by tag. Post categories are also in development but not released yet because I am not sure if tags aren't enough for structuring and filtering blog posts. I am also struggling with choosing the right tags because some tags I have in mind would also be good a good choice for a category.

I try to settle my thoughts and maybe I have chosen my tags or categories until my next post. So stay tuned for my next update!


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