Mobile friendly news carousel

Submitted 21. July 2017

I recently finished my bachelor's thesis, so I could spent some of my spare time on this project! :-D

This time I focused on mobile usability. I try to keep mobile devices in mind when developing new features which works often very well, but sometimes it's not possible or some development decisions defeat prior plans. One feature which lacked of usability was the latest news carousel. The small control buttons weren't mobile friendly. I removed them and enabled swipe support by adding the JqueryBcSwipe gem to this project. JqueryBcSwipe wraps a lightweight JavaScript library that uses jQuery to add touch swipe gestures for mobile devices. There is also a gem for jQuery Mobile with a built-in swipe detection but it adds some CSS code which overrides my stylesheets.

For further improvements I tried to update all related gems but upgrading bootstrap from version 4.0.0-alpha4 to 4.0.0-alpha6 seems to break a lot! Probably it's wise to wait for the first beta release before migrating my stylesheets.

The mobile friendly bootstrap carousel is just a small improvement but still better than no progress! ;-)